Board of Directors

We are very thankful to have such an amazing Board of Directors who are working with us to make sure SHE is a success!  

Susan J. Ganz

Susan is the Chief Executive Officer of Lion Brothers Company Inc., a manufacturing firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. Lion Brothers Company Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of embroidered and appliquéd emblems. Lion is a female-owned business today that operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China employing more than 700 individuals worldwide. Suzy obtained an MBA in Finance and Multinational Management from Wharton. Suzy has driven innovation at Lion Brothers by successfully keep at pace with global market shifts and demands in the manufacturing space and forming strategic partnerships, most notably with the Girl Scouts of USA. Suzy’s Wharton MBA and financial background as an international equities trader and as a Bond specialist with Merrill Lynch has provided a good foundation for her role as CEO and as our Board Member.

Sheila Hollender, Board Chair

Sheila is a leading authority on women’s issues, environmental health and sustainability. Following a distinguished career as a partner in her own New York law firm, she co-founded Seventh Generation with her husband Jeffrey, and helped it become America’s leading brand of natural consumer products. She served on the board of Seventh Generation from 1995-2011, while also directing the company’s Women’s Environmental Health Advocacy program. Currently Sheila sits on the board of the Breast Cancer Fund and ReSource Vermont. Sheila also serves on the advisory boards of Practically Green, and the Planned Parenthood Leadership Council.

Jean Nganji

Jean Nganji was born in Rwanda but now lives in the US for the last 20 years. His background is in computer software and system analysis with companies that cater to health care solutions such as Amicas Inc./Merge Healthcare Inc. and Dictaphone Corp./Nuance Communications, Inc. He currently works at Kronos Inc., a global workforce management solutions company. Jean is an advisor on a couple of projects that take him to Rwanda every year: the annual Rwanda film festival and Sager Ganza, a micro-finance program for women. He is on the board of many US based organizations that create linkages and empower communities. His belief is that each community is fruitful and with the right approach, tools and strategies, it has the capacity to solve its own problems.

Brinda Wiita 

Brinda Wiita is a neuroendocrinologist with extensive experience in healthcare R&D, technology licensing, and alliance management. Her research is focused on women’s health and behavior, with many publications on hormone therapy, mood, quality of life, osteoporosis, depression, vaginal infections, and libido. She has been a champion of improved diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting women, working with the National Osteoporosis Foundation, Kaiser Foundation, Society for the Advancement of Women’s Health Research, and the Mayo Clinic. Her efforts have contributed to a better understanding of treatments to enhance health, quality of life, and well being in women. In the pharmaceutical industry, Brinda held management positions in Clinical Research, Medical Affairs, Business Development and Global Strategic Planning at Glaxo SmithKilne, Solvay/ Abbvie, and Johnson and Johnson. She is currently is managing a technical and strategic consulting company, working with biotech startups, and volunteering with global women’s health nonprofit organizations. She still enjoys travel (3.5 million lifetime airline miles), sightseeing, hiking, and cooking.

Elizabeth Scharpf, Founder and Chief Instigating Officer

Elizabeth Scharpf is an inventor, entrepreneur, and investor who brings the best ideas to market by wearing what ever hat fits the occasion.  Scharpf is currently Founder and CEO (or Chief Instigating Officer as she likes to say) of Sustainable Health Enterprises. Prior to SHE, Scharpf was starting up other ventures and advising businesses on growth strategies around the world at Cambridge Pharma Consultancy, the Clinton Foundation, and the World Bank. Scharpf is a Fulbright Scholar, has an MBA and MPA-International Development from Harvard and a BA from the University of Notre Dame. Despite all the academic acronyms, she thinks her best education has come from talking with those sitting next to her on buses around the world.