Elizabeth Scharpf

Founder & Chief Instigating Officer

Elizabeth Scharpf is an inventor, entrepreneur, and investor who brings the best ideas to market by wearing what ever hat fits the occasion. Scharpf is currently Founder and CEO (or Chief Instigating Officer as she likes to say) of Sustainable Health Enterprises (or SHE).

Prior to SHE, Scharpf was starting up other ventures and advising businesses on growth strategies around the world at Cambridge Pharma Consultancy, the Clinton Foundation, and the World Bank. Scharpf is a Fulbright Scholar, has an MBA and MPA-International Development from Harvard and a BA from the University of Notre Dame. Despite all the academic acronyms, she thinks her best education has come from talking with those sitting next to her on buses around the world.

Photo Credit: Michael George Photography


Connie Lewin

Director of Strategy

Connie manages SHE’s business development efforts and directs its marketing initiatives for SHE Global. Prior to joining SHE, Connie was a Assistant Marketing Manager for a luxury beauty brand. She has also worked at Girls Quest, a youth development organization, for three years as a Development Associate. Connie received an A.B. in Politics from Princeton University and an MBA from the Simon School at the University of Rochester.


Jeannette Murekatete

Health & Hygiene Manager, SHE Rwanda

Jeannette brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a trainer and educator in the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) domain for the past fourteen years, with a deep expertise in helping communities and schools appropriately manage its WASH infrastructures for long-term sustainability. Jeannette joined SHE because of the shared belief in investing in the health and sanitation needs of those who are typically overlooked, namely girls and women. Jeannette was especially attracted to SHE’s entrepreneurial focus, providing opportunities for enterprising women to be able to improve their livelihoods. As a mother of three children, Jeannette does not have much free time, but she always finds time to watch a new movie or enjoy new music.


Yvonne Krywyj

Head of Business Operations, SHE Rwanda

Yvonne heads SHE’s business operations in Rwanda, has experience managing and advising for-profit and non-profit social enterprises in Africa and Europe. Prior to SHE, she managed the operations and finances of CMAP, a participatory development NGO in Nigeria. Yvonne also played a role in the creation of, and initial pipeline development for, Yunus Social Business’ incubator in Tunisia, and co-founded Next Generation Lab, an accelerator for family businesses and SMEs in South Africa. She holds degrees in international business, law, and public policy. In her free time, you can find Yvonne running, practicing yoga, or taking in as much live music as she possibly can.


Sylvere Mwizerwa

Business Development Manager, Rwanda

Sylvere is integral to SHE’s industrial-scale program and subsequent scale-up in Rwanda. A Rwandese, Sylvere received a Bachelor’s degree from the National University of Rwanda. Before Sylvere joined SHE, he worked at EOS Visions Rwanda, an East African leading tour company, as an operations officer and has experience working for both non-profit and for-profit organizations.


Flora Ufitinema

Marketing and Research Associate, SHE Rwanda

Graduated in Agricultural economic and Agri Business at Huye Campus (Former National University of Rwanda). Flora serves Gardens for Health International during the process of designing agriculture trainings for families suffering from malnutrition. She was attracted to join SHE for how they use already harvested banana trunks to help girls (and women) live their live confidently and comfortably and also generate income. She dreamed to be part of a team that provides solutions to people and improve lives. In her free time Flora likes to sing and spend time with friends.


Daniel Karemera

Production Manager, SHE Rwanda

Daniel Karemera is a mechanical engineer with a degree from Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. He joined SHE because he has a passion for helping people. When he learned what SHE was doing, he realized that his mechanical skills would make me a perfect fit. He is eager to work alongside the girls and women to improve their lives and their communities.


Marie-Louise Umulisa

Production Staff Leader, SHE Rwanda

Marie-Louise Umulisa is a former small shop owner and graduate of the The Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC – East). Since joining SHE, Marie Louise has also risen as a community leader, teaching parents, girls, and future mothers why periods should not be viewed as an illness, but rather a sign of maturity, Marie is helping to break the silence. Marie Louise leads the production team at Ngoma, and is the resident expert for all tour guides of our production site. Marie Louise is a mother of two, and educates her daughter and son about menstruation, menstrual hygiene and the go! pads that she makes to bust taboos.

Eric Ndayishimiye

Assistant Production Manager, SHE Rwanda

As Assistant Production Manager, Eric Ndayishimiye oversees ongoing product development of our go! pads. Eric graduated from Kigali Institute of Science and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Eric has a personal passion for utilizing his technical skills to enable girls’ and women’s full participation at school and at work. In his free time, you can find Eric enjoys swimming and watching movies.