Top Moments of 2014

Looking back…2014 was an incredible year in building our sustainable business so millions of girls in Rwanda will no longer miss school simply because they have their periods. None of those moments could have happened without your investment in our vision.  Here’s our top moments that you need to know.

10. SHE’s featured in Marie Claire’s “Six Simple Ways to Save the World”

9. Nadia Hitimana is selected among thousands of young leaders to be a part of President Obama’s inaugural class of Young African Leadership Initiative.

8. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn feature Founder Elizabeth Scharpf in their latest book A Path Appears for our social innovation. 

7. We completed renovations of our production site and began large-scale operations in March!

6. We celebrated the first-ever Global Menstrual Hygiene Day in Rwanda!

5.  Bella Wiener decides to take on menstrual taboos in 2015 – by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

Elizabeth Scharpf and Bella Wiener

4. Our go! brand officially launches in Rwanda!

go! package with pads and banana fiber, April 2014, Perttu Saralampi_ 2

Duha Schoolgirls with go pads| Ngoma, Rwanda| 11.07.2014

3. We began our teachers’ training in Rwanda with 50 teachers well trained about the menstrual hygiene ABCs.

DSC_0328 trainingDSC_0330

2. We returned to the women farmers who supply us our banana fiber and delivered them each their own package of go! pads.

Banana farmers with go! pads in Rwanda.

1.  Our go! pads are now in the hands of the girls that need them. In 2015, we can reach thousands more by purchasing more equipment, training our team, and delivering our education to schools.

Duha schoolgirls with SHE LaunchPads Ngoma Rwanda 11.07.2014  low res