Dispatch from SHE’s MacGyver: Getting Dirty for the Cause

Since our MacGyver-in-Residence Tyson Huffman has arrived at our production facility in Ngoma, SHE has been on the fast-track to mass production of our go! pads.

Tyson is applying his expertise in process engineering and operations management to set up our production site, test and validate our quality control and assurance manufacturing processes, and train our local technical team. And guess what?┬áTyson’s latest dispatch declares that “We are on a roll!”
In just 3 short weeks, Tyson has hired three technicians (2 of whom are women) from the local vocational school, has brought our machinery online, led the minor re-construction of our facility, the installation of our water tank and electricity, and has begin a test run of processing our fiber into fluff!
Building a production site means that you need to be ready to roll up your sleeves. Thankfully, SHE’s Tyson and Sylvere have no problem getting dirty for the cause!
Sylvere (left) and Tyson (right) testing one of our machines.
Tyson is making our production site ready for manufacturing action! Stay tuned for upcoming dispatches from him!