Meet SHE Global Health Interns

Please welcome our four SHE Global Health Interns.  We’re incredibly excited to have such a diverse team working from a variety of geographic locations—New York City; Brunswick, Maine; Chicago, Illinois; and the Canadian Arctic— to support SHE Rwanda’s Health Education and Advocacy efforts as well as SHE’s Global Health projects. 
Meet Sereena, Del, Natalie and Natalie! Their perspectives are unique and their passion for global health is evident. You will get to learn more about each of our interns in the near future! 

Sereena Singh is currently an MPH student at New York University concentrating in Community and International Health. For her undergrad, she attended Rutgers University graduating with Bachelor’s in Public Health. Initially, her interest in Public Health began at Rutgers and her passion for women’s health peaked ever further throughout her studies.

Sereena has been working at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine as a clinical research coordinator for about 2 years now. She recently worked at UNICEF India on international development issues for local villages in Bhopal. In her free time, she enjoys arts and crafts, especially DIY projects. She also has a guilty pleasure for reality shows, and will watch almost anything!

Delaram Farshad recently completed her MPH focusing on Maternal & Child, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Prior to joining the team, Delaram worked with UNICEF NY HQ- Nutrition & Health Unit and was involved in various community nutrition and rural health projects abroad in India, Swaziland and Bolivia. She is passionate about global health advocacy, women’s health and community empowerment. Currently, Delaram is living in the Arctic region of Canada, working to promote health, community development and learning traditional Indigenous culture. Delaram’s love for diversity and curiosity for travel, has afforded her opportunities to work in diverse rural and cross cultural settings, interacting with people from all walks of life. In her spare time, she loves to exercise her creativity, interact with people from different cultures and practice yoga.
Natalie Naculich grew up in Maine and graduated from Brunswick High School in June 2012. She took a gap year and spent seven months in East Africa, traveling and volunteering in schools and orphanages in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Uganda. She will start her freshman year at the University of Chicago in September, where she plans to study public health and international development. She spends her free time directing musicals for children in a barn-turned-theater, reading about Africa (since she can’t be there), and visiting as many coffee shops as possible in the search of a perfect cup of coffee.

Natalie Smid is currently a junior at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where she is majoring in Gender & Women’s Studies and Biochemistry. Natalie is one of the leaders of the Bowdoin Women’s Association and she volunteers at Maine’s Midcoast Hospital. Prior to Bowdoin, Natalie spent three summers volunteering at a health care clinic in Springfield, Missouri where she grew up. 

 Her experiences in the clinic established her passion for global health. Natalie loves to run, belt songs with her sister, and wishes that plant-eating dinosaurs still roamed the earth.