The HAHA Beat: Bringing Menstruation to the Table

While our industrial-scale manufacturing pilot is in motion, our HAHA team (Health and Hygiene Advocacy) team is also laying the groundwork to ensure long-term access to menstrual hygiene education and products (including our SHE go! Pad) .

Here’s our latest update on all things health and hygiene-related!

Nadia Hitimana (left) in a girl’s room with a headmistress
  • SHE is finalizing its menstrual hygiene management training guides, which will serve as a model for the Rwandan Ministry of Health. These guides will be used to train the 50 teachers at our pilot schools on menstrual hygiene management, which will thereby increase 6,000 students’ knowledge about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.
  • SHE presented its case study at UNESCO’s inaugural Menstrual Hygiene conference in Kenya.
  • SHE instigated the passing of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) resolution urging partner states to waive taxes on sanitary pads in the region to increase their availability and affordability, thanks to ongoing support by Rwandan parliamentarian Dr. Odette Nyiramilimo.
  • SHE presented on menstrual hygiene management (MHM) at the Girl Learning summit that was hosted by Girl Hub Rwanda and Nike Foundation. SHE’s presentation has garnered interest among several schools.
  • SHE continues to add new partners with its “Breaking the Silence” campaign. Local schools and organizations have invited us to lead MHM awareness.
  • SHE has also joined Girl Child Network, a Rwanda national network of fellow instigators advocating for policy changes to best support girls both in and out of the classroom.