Why I Give to SHE: Meet Molly Johnson

Molly Johnson_Donor and Volunteer_July 2015How did you first get involved with SHE?

I heard about SHE through the School of Visual Arts, where I was tasked with a logo design assignment for them.

What is unique about SHE?

SHE is unique because it is a sustainable, long-term solution. The go! pads help communities in reciprocal ways by empowering women and creating jobs.

What impact have you seen from your donation and volunteer work?

I have seen my designs featured on the website and social media including the 2014 holiday campaign.

Return on investment when you give to SHE

An example of Molly’s work for SHE’s 2014 Holiday Campaign.

What makes you excited about SHE’s future direction?

I am excited to see SHE really thrive in Rwanda, so that similar initiatives are carried out in other communities around the world.

What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a donor or volunteer to SHE? I would say that women can miss up to 50 days of work/school a year if they don’t have sanitary products. 

To discover more of Molly’s talents, check out her portfolio at mollymasonjohnson.com 

If you want to use your talents for purpose to help further our mission, email us at supportshe@sheinnovates.com.