Driving Innovative Solutions with Johnson and Johnson

As you may know from following our journey, we’ve been working with the External Alliances and Innovation team at Johnson and Johnson to increase our production capacity, drive down our production costs, and develop a highly replicable production model that can be replicated globally.

We’re excited to share with you some of the team members at Johnson and Johnson we are working with to help amplify our growth and impact this year!

Read more about Johnson and Johnson’s work first-hand from project leads Aimee Sealfon, Director of Consumer Solutions – Baby/FemCare, at our Global Strategic Design Office, and Michael Moscherosch, Director of R&D for External Innovation on J&J’s blog here.

Please also share our video about our unique collaboration with J&J.


Here’s to a New Year and a new adventure! Please reach out with feedback or questions at supportshe@sheinnovates.com.