What does SHE and the Spice Girls have in common?

While there’s a shared love for 90s pop, SHE runs off girl power. The SHE28 campaign began with 500 girls. Each girl shared the social and physical obstacles they face to stay in school and work simply because they could not afford pads.

Since then, we do all we can to give girls the opportunity to drive local change. Girls co-designed our pads and go! brand. We also work with girl leaders at our partner schools to assess our health education. Our health education is also equipping girls to take a stand for what they need to grow in confidence and fearlessness.

We’re celebrating this brand of girl power on the International Day of the Girl Child (Day of the Girl), an annual day on October 11th.

Join us in getting the word out about International Day of the Girl by sharing our factographs using the #DayoftheGirl hashtag.

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