Meet SHE Intern: Itoro Chloe-Udo

Hometown: I was born in Vancouver, Canada but moved to New York City at a young age.  I am now currently living in Yonkers.

What are you working on? For SHE, I am currently working on a SHE Goes to School project in which our current #smallthings and SHE 28 campaigns would be more involved on colleges campuses. Through this project, SHE would like to go to school and get help from girls like myself who share these same ideals that highlight the importance of dignity and accessible hygiene for all.  I am also making the most of my summer and enjoying spending time with my friends and family and preparing for my senior year of college.

What superpower would you have? I would be able to fly. I can imagine that there must be no greater feeling of absolute freedom.

Who is your favorite volleyball player? Megan Hodge. She’s an all-American player with exceptional skills both on and off the court.

What was the last song that played on your iPod/iPhone/iPad? I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith. I absolutely love him!

Why did you join SHE? I have always had an affinity for helping others, especially those whose potential is usually overlooked. Everyone that knows me can tell you that I ALWAYS root for the underdog. So when I first found out about SHE, I was instantly locked in and engaged because of what SHE represents.  SHE can be me – spicy and provocative, yet educational and motivational. As a young woman of Nigerian descent, I especially feel a close tie to the work SHE is doing with young girls and women in Rwanda.  SHE is sending the message that not only do small things make a difference but that education IS power. It’s rewarding for me to be part of a team who believes that it is not solely about charity; we have to get out there and do something!