Building to Learn

One of the most important things to do when designing a new product is to get as much consumer feedback as possible. That is why we are distributing our latest iteration of our LaunchPads to hundreds of girls and women this quarter. We are gathering product feedback that will inform future iterations of our LaunchPad.

We call this approach “build to learn” to ensure that we prove out the market viability of our product in real-time. Girls’ responses and insights inform our work daily, and it is critical that we establish trust at every step.

Hundreds of girls and women will each receive their own pack of our go! menstrual pads, along with education and guidance to properly manage their menstrual needs. We have already distributed our banana-fiber menstrual pads to teen students at our partner vocational school in Ngoma, and the women farmers that supply us our banana fiber.

Teen students at local vocational school each received their own pack of go!  pads to try.

Teen students at local vocational school each received their own pack of go! pads to try.

Understanding girls’ needs and behaviors is also critical to prove out our market viability. Schools are an ideal location to roll-out our go-to-market strategy. We can reach a large population of girls before puberty so they are prepared to manage the changes.

Our work at the school level involves students, teachers, headmasters. Students take part in our menstrual hygiene management awareness sessions, while their teachers will be part of our inaugural training programs.

This fall fifty teachers will learn how to deliver menstrual hygiene and puberty education to girl and boy students.

We are weeks into our large-scale manufacturing and distribution. Stay tuned as we share the results and stories from our first months of operation!