<span style="color: #ed1848;">Anette - student</span><br> 

Anette - student

"From talking about MHM in SHE Club, I learned how to take care of myself hygienically during my periods. I also learned how to count my menstrual cycle to know when to expect my period!"

 <span style="color: #ed1848">Olivier - student</span><br> 

Olivier - student

"The importance of having information about MHM from SHE Club is that a girl can get my help whenever she asks without her worrying that I can’t help because I am a man. The reason I think it’s important for us boys to learn about MHM is because it will be useful when I become a parent so that I can help my daughters rather than seeing it as being dirty”

 <span style="color: #ed1848">Emerthe - teacher</span><br> 

Emerthe - teacher

"Training boys together with girls has made the environment more supportive for girls as no male student makes a big deal when a girl has stained her clothes (something that used to happen before). Currently, boys are even helping girls whenever they see a girl has stained her skirt and tell them go into the girls room to change."

 <span style="color: #ed1848">Marie - student</span><br> 

Marie - student

“Before learning about MHM I believed that if you are menstruating and you hold a baby, the baby will have pimples but now I know that is not true and I am no longer afraid to hold a baby. In fact, no one even knows that I am menstruating because I have a good product to use.”