Board Member Jean Nganji Visits our Production Site in Rwanda

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.19.33 AM
I just got back from Rwanda where I had the privilege to visit SHE factory in Ngoma Eastern Province of Rwanda. It was a particularly personal visit because I went there with my daughter, who is 11 now.

I left Kigali with Daniel Karemera, the site production manager. I was struck by the fact that almost everyone who works for SHE is very young, maybe the average age is 25.

The trip is about two hours from Kigali the capital. At SHE, we were greeted by the production lead, Marie Umulisa and a chemical engineer from North Carolina, Tyson Huffman. Immediately, Ms. Umulisa walked us through the process of making the pads.Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.19.21 AM

My first reaction when I arrived at the site was of a surprise. I was expecting a large factory, but what I saw instead was a simple building that looked like a store or school. However, as the team went on with the tour of the production site and I saw the final product, I realized that this factory is more like Microsoft’s humble beginnings in a garage. I am even more proud of Elizabeth and the SHE team, for having achieved this much out of nothing.