Meet SHE Intern: Arianna Strome

nyu_vertstd_Arianna Strome-1

Hometown: I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland but currently I am attending New York University. I am a junior studying Media, Culture and Communications combined with Public Health.

What are you working on? I am helping the SHE team with marketing and social media.

What superpower would you have? If I could have any superpower it would be to have an incredible memory so that I could remember everything forever. Not only would this really help ace my midterms, I would be able to remember all the incredible people, experiences, conversations, and moments for the rest of my life.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? I am actually a vegan so I don’t eat ice cream. But, in New York there is an incredible place called Chloe’s, which serves soft-served fruit. The banana and mango flavors are amazing!

Why did you join SHE? I joined SHE for several reasons including their focus on girls and women, their commitment to sustainability, and their passion surrounding a very real issue. Firstly, as a female athlete I have always felt strongly about giving women the voice that they deserve. I admire how SHE fights to change the status quo and inspire women and their communities. Secondly, I have participated in several service trips and what I noticed is that giving money, food, supplies, etc. to a community only puts a Band-Aid over the issue at hand; to truly solve a problem the solution must be sustainable. SHE’s pads and pad production are a solution that eventually will be able to run without the middleman. Lastly, I passionately believe that girls should never be actually limited by their period. This is a very real issue and it is holding us girls back! With SHE’s pads, every girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential and actively participate in society.