SHE’s Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW Picks

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day,  we asked members of our SHE community for their “woman crush” – a woman that inspires them professionally and/or personally. We will post these “Woman Crushes” each Wednesday in March.



Bella Wiener with her woman crush Diane Luby LaneOur #climbforSHE leader Bella Wiener’s pick is Diane Luby Lane, the founder/executive director of Get-Lit whom she met while speaking about SHE and her upcoming Mount Kilimanjaro climb at the MUSE Women’s Conference.

“Lane’s LIT KIT curriculum has been adopted by over 45 Los Angeles County high schools and each year she produces one of the largest poetry festivals for teens in the nation. These women are truly inspirational because of their ability to share their messages with the world through such a beautiful form of art.”


Chief Instigating Officer’s Elizabeth Scharpf’s pick is a fellow alumna of hers at Harvard’s Kennedy School

Johnson_Sirleaf “Ellen Johnson Sirleaf returned to her home country of Liberia to help rebuild with her community after a horrible war.

She became the 1st female Head of State in Africa and galvanized the global community to help in the rebuilding.”



Yvonne, our Rwanda’s Head of Business Operations’ pick is Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

ginsburgclose“She has successfully litigated several cases expanding women’s rights as an attorney, winning 5 of 6 Supreme Court cases. As a Supreme Court Justice, she has consistently delivered opinions and dissents that uphold women’s and minority rights, and expand equal protection of the law to all.

And Justice Ginsburg has a sense of humor about herself – she not only delights in the Notorious RBG blog, she stockpiles a collection of “Notorious RBG” t-shirts and gives them to her friends!”