Why I Volunteer for SHE: Toykea Jones

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Toykea Jones and I am currently a Senior Manager of Manufacturing Excellence for the North America region in consumer products. I’ve been with Johnson & Johnson for ten years and have worked in the capacity of facilities and maintenance engineering, manufacturing, supply chain planning, global strategy and deployment and program management office (PMO).

How did you find out about SHE?

I first found out about SHE after reading an article on J&J’s internal website written about the efforts from both Michael and Aimee.  With my supply chain background, I knew I could contribute to the effort.

What project did you work on with SHE? Whom did you work with? How did you use your skills and talents to help advance SHE’s mission?

Since volunteering, I’ve developed a model for inventory forecasting and am currently in the process of developing the monthly Sales and Operations Forecast (S&OP) monthly guidance.

What are some highlights of your volunteer work with SHE?

Being able to take my expertise and share my knowledge / best practices.  Who would have ever known I’d be able to contribute in this way?!!

What should people know about SHE?

This unique effort is making a significant impact on the lives of girls and women in Rwanda. It’s truly inspirational!